The Tomifobia Nature Trail

“Turtles, frogs, flowers, the hidden rotting beauty and life of wetlands and marshes, the winding Tomifobia running its amazing course… laughing  here, sunning itself there… I could imagine the trains of old racing through these woods, cutting through a quiet wilderness.” (Ross Murray, The Stanstead Journal, 2003)

 Sentier News

June 3 ,2017 – Fundraising event for the Frontier Animal Society, Ogden, Québec.

Another very successful dog walk this year! With over 80 active participants and 40 additional online donors, over $9,000 was raised for the shelter. The dogs thoroughly enjoyed the day out. Both dogs and cats that have been donated or abandoned are available for adoption. Additional donations to the Animal Society and /or The Tomifobia Nature Trail ( are always greatly appreciated.


About the Nature Trail

The Tomifobia Nature Trail is a 19- km rail-trail in the Tomifobia River valley, between Rte. 141 in Ayer’s Cliff, and Rte. 247 in Beebe (Stanstead), Quebec. It lies in the heart of the Eastern Townships’ natural and architectural heritage. Sentiers Massawippi, a non-profit membership organization and a registered charity established in 1990, created the Tomifobia Nature Trail on an abandoned railway right-of-way, in 1993. Using grants and donations from members and others, and much volunteer labour, Sentiers Massawippi works to maintain this beautiful linear park for safe hiking, cycling and cross-country skiing, as well as nature conservation, education and the preservation of our heritage. Although the trail is free to use, we encourage all users to become members of Sentiers Massawippi or to consider making a tax creditable donation. All donations help maintain the quality of the trail.

While always mindful of our duty to preserve and protect the natural environment, we have created several scenic picnic areas, and erected small shelters near the ends of the trail. We have also facilitated access to the Tomifobia for canoe launching and placed (summer) toilet facilities at km 12, in addition to refurbishing the historic monument at km 13.4 that commemorates an 1895 accident on the Massawippi Valley Railroad.

The Tomifobia Nature Trail links up with the Route Verte at Magog via Rte. 141 in Ayer’s Cliff and Chemin Benoit, and with the trail to Newport, Vermont, via Beebe and customs.

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