The Tomifobia Nature Trail

“Turtles, frogs, flowers, the hidden rotting beauty and life of wetlands and marshes, the winding Tomifobia running its amazing course… laughing  here, sunning itself there… I could imagine the trains of old racing through these woods, cutting through a quiet wilderness.” (Ross Murray, The Stanstead Journal, 2003)

 Summer 2015

As a result of this past spring’s washout, the trail remains closed from km 16 south. To connect to the Stanstead-Beebe bike path, two alternative routes are possible.

The first, with a more gentle slope, follows the paved Stanstead Roadt to Maple in Stanstead from which you can catch the beginning of the bike path that leads to Beebe.

The second involves taking Beebe Road just to your right. The road is gravel and begins with quite a steep climb, before continuing on Route 247 into Beebe.

The two routes form a circuit of almost 15 km that will help you discover the Stanstead region.

Be careful on the roads.

Alternative Routes

On a beautiful sunny  Sunday in June, more than 120 people gathered at the Tomifobia Restaurant in Beebe to share in a wonderful brunch in a peaceful country setting.

A big thanks to Le Tomifobia and its staff who served the more than 120 who turned up for the benefit brunch. Thanks also to the sponsors—les Lapins de Stanstead and the bakery Les Vraies Richesses—for the delicious appetizer.

The event raised $2,200 for the repair of the trail. Thanks, again, to the organizer, the volunteers and the generous donors who made this such a successful day.

Bravo Marie-Christine.



    June 14, 2015 

Affiche brunch anglais


April 7th: Major wash-out on the trail!

2015 dommagesDue to spring thaw, a major portion of the trail was seriously damaged between Stanstead Road & Dubé Road. Therefore, a detour will be necessary via Beebe road.


Annual General Meeting on April 11th

Members and friends of the Tomifobia Nature Trail
are invited to our Annual General Meeting, at the
Ripplecove Inn, 700 Ripplecove Ayer’s Cliff, Saturday,
April 11, 2015 at 10:00 am. Registration, with coffee
and donuts served, will start at 9:30 a.m.


sentier hiver 6

Winter 2014-2015

Welcome cross-country skiers!

As some of you will have noticed, the trail is open to cross-country skiers (and snowshoers) during the winter period. This provides a unique opportunity to rediscover the splendors of the landscape from a new perspective. You should note, however, that we are not able to do maintenance on the trail during the winter with the result that its condition cannot be described on our website. It’s left to users to “groom” the trail after new snowfalls. We advise you nonetheless to use our blogue to report on your experiences on the trail and perhaps offer advice to other potential users.

On your mark… get ready….

DSCN1666May 15th- Our volunteers are proud to announce that the trail is now open. However, we recommend to use caution as there is still debris on the trail that we are in the process of cleaning up.


April 24th trail cleaning: Students also got involved!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn their annual community service day, twelve Stanstead College students joined our volunteers to clear the broken trees from last December ice storm. We want to thank them for their precious help.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe use of chainsaws was also necessary considering the extent of the damages.



March 2014:

Enterprises’ owners, see our 2014 new Partnership plan


March 2014 – Legal battle comes to an end with Ogden

In November 2012, the Ogden council had recommended the adoption of new zoning rules, specifically addressed towards the Tomifobia Nature Trail. Those new rules had a number of unacceptable consequences. We couldn’t keep growth down because the rules forced us to mow the 1-meter verge at a height of at least one foot–an impossibility; the width of much of the trail continued to be set at a narrow 2.5 meters; and the size of stone to be used for re-surfacing was set at a size larger than that used by most bike trails, including ours previously–users were not happy when we completed our MRC-funded re-surfacing job using the new stone size. A strict application of the rules might even have meant that we had to remove all picnic tables, benches and the teepee.

Sentiers Nature Tomifobia had responded to the municipality’s concerns, and explained its point of view in a calm and rational fashion. However, our position was ignored by the municipality. Fortunately the legal harassment is now over. The council recently modified its rules and re-established more flexible standards that allows us to maintain the width at 3 meter wide which is recommended for the safety of bikers and pedestrians who share the trail.




Last December, the ice storm left our trail in bad condition. We would appreciate volunteers to help clean up the mess around end of April and May depending on trail surface and weather conditions. Please provide name, phone # or e-mail address

We will contact you when conditions permit. Thanks!


Work on the trail

Between Ayer’s Cliff and the overpass of the highway 55 (km2 to km6), the trail requires resurfacing with fine gravel. We will try to perform the work later this year. Being a privately owned trail open to the public, we are dependant on donations to finance and maintain the trail. We do the best we can with what resources we have available.We hope you continue to enjoy the trail!


A successful dog walk on the trail!

The Frontier Animal Society’s Annual dog walk and fundraiser was held on Saturday,May 25th. The Sentiers Massawippi hosted the group on a section of the Tomifobia Nature Trail from Chemin Embury to Chemin Laflamme. The object was to raise funds for operation of the animal shelter in Stanstead which presently is the temporary  home for 70 animals awaiting adoption. The shelter operates entirely on donations similar to the Sentiers Massawippi. A few of the abandoned dogs were included on the walk along with 35 hardy walkers and their own pets. In spite of the inclimate weather everyone had a good time especially the dogs. The fundraiser was an outstanding success raising $6.000 with donations still trickling in. Many thanks to the friends of the Society who made donations
or would like to. For adoptions or offers of help they can be contacted at

05 2013 SASAF

The Tomifobia Nature Trail is a 19- km rail-trail in the Tomifobia River valley, between Rte. 141 in Ayer’s Cliff, and Rte. 247 in Beebe (Stanstead), Quebec. It lies in the heart of the Eastern Townships’ natural and architectural heritage. Sentiers Massawippi, a non-profit membership organization and a registered charity established in 1990, created the Tomifobia Nature Trail on an abandoned railway right-of-way, in 1993. Using grants and donations from members and others, and much volunteer labour, Sentiers Massawippi works to maintain this beautiful linear park for safe hiking, cycling and cross-country skiing, as well as nature conservation, education and the preservation of our heritage. Although the trail is free to use, we encourage all users to become members of Sentiers Massawippi or to consider making a tax creditable donation. All donations help maintain the quality of the trail.

While always mindful of our duty to preserve and protect the natural environment, we have created several scenic picnic areas, and erected small shelters near the ends of the trail. We have also facilitated access to the Tomifobia for canoe launching and placed (summer) toilet facilities at km 12, in addition to refurbishing the historic monument at km 13.4 that commemorates an 1895 accident on the Massawippi Valley Railroad.

The Tomifobia Nature Trail links up with the Route Verte at Magog via Rte. 141 in Ayer’s Cliff and Chemin Benoit, and with the trail to Newport, Vermont, via Beebe and customs.

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