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  • Going down the Tomifobia

Message: I’d like to have information on running the river. Thanks for getting back to me. From Josee Miron

Reply: Canoeing is recommended when the river is relatively high, as in springtime, or after heavy rains. If you already have a canoe or kayak, the best place to begin is at “chemin Laflamme” at km 12 where we have built a stairway down to the river. For boat rental, you could contact Goodfellow’s in Ayer’s Cliff at 819 838-5521.

  • Some services near the trail

Is the bike path open and do you think it will be in good condition next week. Can you suggest a B & B near the trail. Thank you.
From Ghislaine

Reply: Hi. No problem. You can use the trail this week, and all summer. Here are some suggestions for B&Bs and restaurants. I recommend you communicate with the owners to find out when they are open.
Enjoy your outing!

B&Bs and Inns
Simplement Jeanne

1291 Main in Ayer’s Cliff, opens in the spring
The owner is a member of SM, Tel.: 819-838-1026

La chaumiere

Lune et Croissant

Gite Lauzier

Cliff House

Domaine Lee Farm

Le Ripplecove, Ayer’s Cliff, a hotel of prestige

Le Tomifobia: A good restaurant in Beebe, at the other end of the trail: their specialty: French cuisine

Rental and repair of bikes: Velo Ayer’s Cliff,
1191 Main, Ayer’s Cliff, Tel. : 819-212-0758 right next to the trail

  • Is the trail difficult?

Message: If it’s a former railbed, does that mean that it’s pretty level for its entire length?

Reply: It is, though there’s a slight downward slope from Beebe to Ayer’s Cliff. The return would thus take a little longer (about 20 min.) given that the grade rises. It’s fair to say that it’s a ‘family trail’ which implies that it is easy enough for young kids and senior citizens. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bring a bottle of water.

  • How to reach the trail from Highway 143?

Message: Hi. I’m soon going to be doing a bike trip that will take me to the U.S. I will be coming from North Hatley (probably by way of the 143 or the 208) and was wondering what would be the best road to take to get onto the Tomifobia trail. I would continue to Beebe Plain where I would go through customs. Could you tell me where I should enter and exit the trail so that I won’t get lost? Thanks! From Cleoo

Reply: You could get onto the trail at Ayer’s Cliff. To do so take the 143 as far as the 141 (Burrough’s Falls, flashing red light); turn right at the light, onto the 141, direction Ayer’s Cliff; the trail will soon appear on your left, going in the direction of Beebe. When you get to Beebe (19 km farther) the trail ends at the main street; turn left and about 1 km farther, you will arrive at American customs. Enjoy your outing.

  • Dogs on the trail

Message: Hi. Is one allowed to bring a dog on the Tomifobia bike trail? We are talking about a small dog in a basket but it’s still a dog? On your website and that of the Route Verte, the rules aren’t mentioned. Thank you. From Marie.

Reply: In principle, we recommend to trail users that they keep their dog on a leash so that other users aren’t bothered. Nonetheless, we often meet dogs who are not on a leash but are under the control of their master, a situation we tolerate on condition that the dog is “well brought up.”

  • Congratulations!

Message: Congratulations for the conceiving and maintaining of a magnificent trail, still not well known in the Townships, and of whose existence I only learned recently. From Patrice Marcotte.

Reply: You are most welcome to enjoy the trail and let others know about it.


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