March 2014 – Legal battle comes to an end with Ogden

In November 2012, the Ogden council had recommended the adoption of new zoning rules, specifically addressed towards the Tomifobia Nature Trail. Those new rules had a number of unacceptable consequences. Among others, they would have forced us to reduce the trail width to 2.5 metres, and forbid all picnic tables, benches and the teepee along the trail. The new rule would have effectively forbid us from completing the resurfacing work that was started and that was funded by a grant from the MRC.

Sentiers Massawippi had responded to the municipality’s concerns, and explained its point of view in a calm and rational fashion. However, our position had been completely ignored by the municipality.

Fortunately the legal harassment is now over. The council recently modified its rules and re-established more flexible rules that allows us to maintain the width at 3 meter wide which is recommended for the safety of bikers and pedestrians who share the trail.

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